OEM Screen Protector Hydrogel Film for Mobile Phone

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For Phone AAA Quality

Brand: Vimshi

Material: Imported TPU

Product Size: 12cm*18cm

Color: Clear

Pacakge: 20PCS/box

Warranty: 12 Months,free return

Gift: Gift cutting points

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Name: Intelligent TPU Soft Protective Film. Imported TPU explosion-proof film,anti-scratch coating on the surface,abrasion and anti-scratch,effectively protect the safety of mobile phone screen.

High transparent: Ultra-thin design,high-definition translucent,restore the bare screen clear image quality.

Smooth Operation: Feel smooth,HD sensitive,give you a bare-machine experience.

Quick Pasting: Automatic adsorption,seamless bonding.

About This Item

[Compatibility] This high-definition TPU film is suitable for all mobile phone models, both curved and flat phones can be used.

[Completely Easy to Install] High-quality soft TPU film, specially designed for curved edge phones, ensuring edge-to-edge protection. Bubble-free adhesive for easy installation and no residue when removed. The real machine is used to open the mold to ensure that the holes are 100% perfectly fitted.

[Quick Fix] Any bubbles and scratches, will disappear automatically within 24 hours, no need to press the bubbles with nails or scrapers.

[High-definition sensitivity] Ultra-thin 0.1mm thickness, experience the highest original screen quality, maintain the saturation of the original color of the screen, high-definition natural vision, high-sensitivity assistance.

Note: This product needs to be used with a film cutting machine. If you need to configure a film cutting machine, this store also sells it. Please contact us.

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Recommended Installation Steps

1. Remove the cut protective film, gently press it on the mobile phone, and adjust the position of the protective film to attach the protective film to the mobile phone.

2. Remove the above film, it is a small piece of useless protective film.

3. After removing a small piece of useless protective film, use a scraper to flatten the top, and gently flatten it when passing through the sieve. Keep the angle within 45 degrees when flat pressing.

4. Before scraping the main parts, the dust on the filter screen should be cleaned, and the angle should be kept within 45 degrees when leveling.

5. Pull up the protective film with your left hand and flatten it with a scraper.

6. The protective film is still flattened, and the angle is kept within 45 degrees. When passing through the screen hole, press it lightly.

7. Remove the surface film, leaving a real protective film. Applying a protective film is not an easy task. Please wait. After removing the surface film, there are no more air bubbles. Even if there is a little, please don't worry, it will disappear within 24 hours, this protector has a self-healing function. Thank you very much for your support and cooperation.

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