Vimshi company held a basketball competition in last year. There were two teams, black team and blue team.

The match started to play at about a quarter to eight and all staff cheered, everybody stood up, and the people sang and everybody was wondering which team was going to win.
Two teams ran out to the floor the referee blew his whistle, and the game started. A basketball game is divided into two halves, and each half is divided into two quarters. There is a rest period between the halves. During the first five minutes of the second half the score was tied from then on the game was very exciting. First one team made a basket then the other.
Although the black was weaker than the blue team, but i still like them because the members in black team were always struggling for the match, they never give up!


The ball hit the rim of the basket and seemed to hang there for a moment and then it fell through the basket. The whistle blew and the game was over. Black team won 70 to 68.
It was really a wonderful game at last black team won the first prize and we all congratulated them warmly. That really embodied the sports spirit of teamwork.
The colleagues in Vimshi company usually play basketball after work off and on the weekends as well. We feel very happy when we pass my ball to our pals. We always cheer when we win the games.

We hope we can play basketball as well as Yao Ming someday in the future.
Playing basketball can bring good relationship between colleagues, we learned what teamwork is from playing basketball. We have learned that we need always try our best no matter in match or daily life.
The sports meeting is over. All of us were very happy. In this way, We had a very exciting day!


Post time: Apr-11-2023