The reason why TPU hydrogel film fits the mobile phone screen

TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) hydrogel film is a popular material for protecting mobile phone screens due to its unique properties and flexibility. Here are the reasons why TPU hydrogel film fits well on mobile phone screens:

Self-healing: TPU hydrogel film has the ability to self-heal, meaning that it can repair minor scratches and impacts over time. This property allows the film to conform and adhere to the contours of the screen, providing a perfect fit.

High elasticity: TPU hydrogel film is highly elastic, making it possible to stretch and fit snugly onto the curved surfaces of mobile phone screens. This elasticity ensures a seamless fit without any bubbling or lifting.

Optical clarity: TPU hydrogel film is optically clear, which means it does not affect the visibility or touch sensitivity of the phone screen. The film has a high transparency that allows the screen to display colors accurately and maintain the original screen clarity.

Full coverage: The TPU hydrogel film is specifically designed and cut to fit each mobile phone model. It covers the entire screen, including the curved edges and notches, providing complete protection from scratches, fingerprints, and other damages.

Bubble-free installation: TPU hydrogel film is typically applied using a wet installation method. This involves spraying a small amount of water or a provided liquid solution on the film before placing it on the screen. The wet installation allows for easy repositioning, minimizing the chances of bubbles or misalignment during the application process.

Scratch resistance: TPU hydrogel film is highly resistant to scratches and can prevent damage to the screen caused by everyday wear and tear.

Anti-yellowing: TPU hydrogel film is designed to resist yellowing over time, ensuring that the screen stays clear and bright.

Easy to remove: TPU hydrogel film can be easily removed and does not leave any residue or damage to the screen.

Cost-effective: TPU hydrogel film is an affordable option for protecting mobile phone screens compared to other materials, such as tempered glass or plastic screen protectors.

Compatibility: TPU hydrogel film is compatible with most mobile phone cases, making it easy to use and ensuring that the phone remains fully protected.

In summary, TPU hydrogel film fits well on mobile phone screens due to its unique properties, including self-healing, high elasticity, optical clarity, full coverage, scratch resistance, anti-yellowing, easy removal, affordability, and compatibility. These properties make it a popular choice for protecting mobile phone screens and ensuring they remain damage-free.

Post time: Jan-06-2024